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Westwood was the first British built ride-on garden tractor and is built on a heritage of thirty years experience.
The Westwood range provides a tractor for all situations with an impressive array of accessories.

The Westwood Tractor Range
Westwood Tractors are made and hand-built in Britain to the highest standards. A Westwood cuts, collects and stripes a fine lawn or mulches, depending on your choice of cutting deck. Constructed to meet the challenging conditions of the British weather, Westwood tractors fulfil the demands of their owners in many other countries around the world.

Cutter Decks
The Westwood Vector Flow Cutter Decks give a fine finish even when the grass is wet. Anti-scalp wheels help the deck traverse undulating ground. The Westwood Mulching Decks and High Grass Mulching Decks reduce single blades of grass to fine particles, leaving a beautifully cut lawn or paddock in no time at all.

Westwood Powered Accessories
Westwood Tractors have a wide range of accessories available, so throughout the year your Westwood makes it easier to keep the garden tidy.

Westwood Mounted Accessories
Westwood Tractors have a wide range of Mounted Accessories available.

Westwood Turf Management
Westwood turf management accessories are designed to promote healthier lawns.

Westwood Tractor Accessories
Accessories to add to your Westwood tractor.